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Knee Walker

Our knee walker is equipped with a sling, or hammock, style seat instead of a standard seat you will find on other models.

Our knee walker’s sling seat is far more comfortable than standard seat models and accommodates all leg sizes, regardless of splinting or casting.  The sling is made of the same material used to cover trucks.  This material will not tear and prevents sliding, making it both durable and safe.


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Rental Agreement

I agree to rent a knee walker in the amount of $25.00 per week (4 week minimum rental) with an additional refundable deposit of $170.00. The deposit is refundable when the knee walker is returned. Refunds will be by credit card or by check. No cash refunds will be given. In the event that I have the knee walker longer than the original agreement, I agree to pay the additional weeks. If the knee walker is not returned, I understand that I am responsible for the purchase price of the knee walker ($270.00) PLUS any rental costs incurred.

I have been advised that it is Armand Medical Supply’s Policy not to bill this item through insurance as this item is NOT a SADMERC approved code. It is my decision to request the service irrespective of its coverage or medical necessity. I also understand that I will be responsible for the provider’s full charge.

I also agree that the knee walker will be returned to Armand Medical Supply in good working condition. If it is not returned in satisfactory condition I will be financially responsible for any damages to the knee walker.