Knee Walker Feature

Our knee walker is equipped with a sling, or hammock, style seat instead of a standard seat you will find on other models.

Our knee walker’s sling seat is far more comfortable than standard seat models and accommodates all leg sizes, regardless of splinting or casting.  The sling is made of the same material used to cover trucks.  This material will not tear and prevents sliding, making it both durable and safe.

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Shock Absorption System

Our knee walker is equipped with a shock absorption system, withstanding a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.  This provides a smooth, safe ride and helps to prevent patient fatigue.

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Solid Construction

The height of the sling is adjustable and accommodates a patient height ranging from 5′ to 6’5″.

Our knee walker’s cradle is offset.  The offset cradle accommodates both right-handed and left-handed preferences, which improves patient balance and safety. This design shifts the patient’s center of gravity and results in little to no need for continuous adjustment.

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Knee walker dimensions: 31″ L, 14″ W, 16″ H with adjustable handle

Maximum weight capacity –  250 pounds

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Light Weight and Easy to carry

Our knee walker’s premium aluminum construction makes it extremely lightweight.  At only 18 pounds, our knee walker is the lightest of all models and is easy to pick up.

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Detachable Basket

Our knee walker includes a large, soft, detachable basket.  The draw- string basket closes easily for added security.  This is NOT the open, see-through, wire mesh style you may see on other knee walkers. Patients may rest assured knowing they can carry their personal items hands-free both securely and discretely.

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